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We pride ourselves at Pollington Preschool on the daily interactions that we have with all people big or small and we think we're doing a pretty 'outstanding' job! But not to blow our own trumpet too loudly have a read below about what our friends say...

"Feels like you are leaving your child with a family member. So warm and welcoming. You go above and beyond to make everyone ready for their next step. You help them to grow their wings and fly!"

"It's an amazing preschool. I love that you guys make learning that fun that the kids don't actually realize they are learning.  Yes they come home covered in all-sorts but the messier they are the more fun I know that they have had!"

"Pollington Preschool is the most amazing place ever.  Every child is given individual love, attention and space to grow. And grow they do; into the most amazing little people"

"Thank you guys for everything .... My E joined a quiet, shy little girl and has left a quietly confident, mature little lady I know it's come from all your hard work.... Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

What do our children say?
" Look Granny, this is a picture of my preschool family!" 
"I like the big house to play with but I didn't come here when I was born!"

What our tribe say;
"I love coming to work in this environment, we feel so valued and feel appreciated for everything that we do."

" Our environments are just perfect for little explorer's it makes our learning day so interesting."
"We love to learn and dare to dream, high aspirations for our children is what it's all about!"

Get in contact, come and have a look !

You can see our latest Ofsted report here


Pollington Preschool

Pollington Preschool
Balne Moor Road
DN14 0DZ

Telephone : 01405 869498
Email : info@pollingtonpreschool.com
Registered Charity No: 1046836

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