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Pollington Preschool is a registered charity and has a committee of local people with relevant skills and knowledge who ensure that the charity remains compliant as a business. We recognise that childcare is up there with the big life decisions; as a non-profit organisation we strive to be fully in tune with our local community. Keeping our childcare costs competitive and working with parents to flexibly manage their needs, demonstrates our recognition and commitment to you as the heart of our organisation.  
We have many opportunities as a charity to apply for funding through a variety of sources and often use these to support with local community projects.  We are very proud to be a part of the local business community who are generous in their support and investment in our children's futures. 

Chair of Committee: Charlotte Dean
Charlotte Dean is the chair of our committee here at Pollington Preschool. 
Charlotte is a local business 'heroine' and is well known for her passionate drive and ambitious influence in making a difference for children within the local Pollington Community.  Having been involved with preschool and the local school for the last 6 years Charlotte, has a wealth of knowledge about supporting children educationally having previously worked in both preschool and the local primary school. Running her own successful family business whilst managing a young family makes her comparable to our own local 'wonder woman'!
As a family community and a reflective establishment, we are always eager to hear your thoughts and ideas about the development of our preschool. As a parent of our community, you can also do this more formally by becoming a charity trustee. We are thankful for the support of our amazing trustees, if you would like more information about who's who on the committee or need to get in touch, please use the contact page and we will be happy to signpost you to the point of contact regarding committee business. 
Chair Charlotte Dean
Treasurer Claire Barnes
Secretary Laura Greaves
Manager Anna Laycock-Brown
Deputy Manager Olivia Brown
Francesca Lewis
Early Intervention Coordinator (Safeguarding Lead and SENCO) Alice Stobbs
Senior Lead Educator Maddie Beaumont

Pollington Preschool

Pollington Preschool
Balne Moor Road
DN14 0DZ

Telephone : 01405 869498
Email : info@pollingtonpreschool.com
Registered Charity No: 1046836

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