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Our Tribe 
Pollington-cum-Balne Preschool employs qualified early years’ practitioners who hold relevant qualifications at level three or above. We are keen to support continued professional development, and we offer training opportunities to students and apprentices following relevant checks. All Committee members and employees hold current DBS checks and early years’ educator's are required to complete statutory training in First Aid, Food Hygiene and Child protection.

Manager: Anna Laycock-Brown 
Anna is our Pollington Preschool Manager as well as Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator. Anna possesses over 20 years of experience working within the childcare sector and as an Early Years teacher herself, has a real passion for supporting Early Years Educators in becoming true superheroes of our setting!
Anna is passionate about making a difference for young children and confident in the firm foundations of the high-quality educational experiences provided through natural interactions found right here at Pollington Preschool!
Using superpowers of her own, Anna supports and encourages the members of our Tribe to find their own ‘rhythms’ to promote that special awe, curiosity and wonder throughout young children’s learning experiences in our family-feel environment!
Deputy Manager: Chloe Miller
Chloe makes most of the magic happen behind the scenes here at Pollington Preschool, working super hard to ensure the smooth running of our setting by organising The Tribe and being a key point of contact for the parents of all our superstar children! With a BA Hons in Early Childhood Education and Care, as well as three years’ experience in childcare management, who better to look after all of us and our many questions, queries and quibbles?!
Chloe is our bubbly superhero who is sure to always greet you with a big smile and who all our superstars love to share their stories and experiences with!
Early Intervention Manager: Alice Stobbs
Alice joined us as an Early Years Educator after ZOOOMING through her Level 3 Apprenticeship qualification due to her passion in learning about Early Years… fast forward five years, Alice has now gone on to complete her BA Hons in Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, so it seems only fitting that she is our super-duper designated SEN and Safeguarding Coordinator!
Alice is our quirky superhero with a love for photography and lots of colour and sparkle; she fills our Preschool with love and warmth and enjoys nothing more than getting cosied up and lost in a storybook with our intrigued Explorers and Adventurers! She has a specialist knowledge in supporting our families and is passionate about making a difference to the development and future of our amazing little people!

Senior Early Years Educator: Maddie Beaumont
Maddie is a long-standing member of our Tribe and room leader of the Explorers classroom, taking care of some of our youngest superstars! Maddie is a Level 3 qualified Early Years Educator but has such a passion for being the best she can possibly be, that she is currently well on her way towards achieving her Level 5 qualification too – woohoo!!!
Maddie is our Learning & Development superhero who ensures that all our little people are gaining the most amazing experiences around the setting as they explore with awe and wonder! Maddie is passionate about the importance of outdoor exploring and can often be found splashing in muddy puddles, adventuring on nature hunts or building obstacle courses for our determined superstars to challenge themselves and learn lots of new skills!


Early Years Educator: Amy Parish
Amy works closely alongside Maddie to ensure our energetic Explorers are always kept busy, learning and exploring through play! Amy holds a Level 3 qualification in Early Years and has valuable early intervention experience, meaning that together with Alice, they are a dream team for supporting the development of all our superstars and working with parents every step of the way! Amy is our Communication & Language superhero who is passionate about the provision of a language-rich environment to ensure that all our little people have endless opportunities to enjoy exciting books, express themselves through music and explore role play opportunities that enable them to use their amazing imaginations!
Deputy Room Lead Educator-Adventurers: Lottie Beaumont
Lottie has been a big part of our Tribe for a few years now, starting her journey with us as an apprentice and recently completing her Level 3 qualification in Early Years – yay!!! Lottie is a much-loved member of the Adventurers classroom and is our kind and caring superhero with a beautiful big heart and a gentle calming nature which makes her an invaluable member of the Tribe when it comes to playing alongside our lovely little people who often have some big emotions to figure out!
Lottie has superb reassuring behaviour management techniques which enables our superstars to feel fully supported in expressing themselves and keeping themselves safe as they explore with curiosity and wonder!
Early Years Educator: Clair Carney
Clair recently joined us at Pollington Preschool after making the big move from her hometown in Scotland and she brought with her a wealth of knowledge and lots of fabulous ideas to continue creating lots of exciting opportunities for our little ones to enjoy and explore! Clair is now a much-loved member of our Tribe who works alongside our two-year olds and provides a warm, welcoming space for each child to feel confident and capable to explore and discover!
Clair is Level 3 qualified in Early Years and without a doubt our messy play superhero who is always down at the children’s level, getting stuck in with gloop, slime and playdough!
Early Years Apprentice: Inez Mackie
Inez joined Pollington Preschool earlier this year upon taking the plunge into the wonderful world of childcare and has quickly become a very popular Tribe member amongst some of our smaller superstars! Inez is currently striving towards her Level 3 qualification in Early Years and works alongside Clair in the Explorers classroom taking super-duper care of our 2-year-olds!
Inez is our energetic superhero who is always on the go, usually accompanied by a loving following of children who are excited to explore and have lots of fun and giggles along the way!
Early Years Educator: Mia Biddle
Mia has recently joined us as a Level 3 Early Years Educator, currently working towards her Foundation Degree in Early Childhood Studies and is already a fabulous asset to our Tribe, based in the Adventurers classroom working alongside our 3- and 4-year-olds! Mia has valuable experience working alongside children with SEN and is also qualified to use Makaton as an additional form of communication with our superstars that require some encouragement in finding the confidence to express their thoughts and feelings.
Mia is our Equality and Diversity superhero who is passionate about the importance of equal opportunities for each of our incredible little people and strives to ensure that they all have the access to the most amazing experiences, each and every day!
Early Years Educator: Sophia Bazzali
Sophia chose to plant her childcare seed and grow with us here at Pollington Preschool as she embarks on her journey to become a Level 3 Early Years Educator; we welcomed her with open arms and are so glad that we did!
Sophia instantly found her spark in the Adventurers classroom where she has formed the foundations of some beautiful friendships with our oldest superstars, and she has quickly become our nurturing superhero, creating a safe space for our little ones to grow and develop in order to become confident and capable humans, ready to take on the world!
Relief Early Years Educator: Eden Harris
Eden began her venture into childcare as a student at Pollington Preschool and has continued her journey with us ever since! After recently completing her degree and qualifying with a BA Hons in Education (Go Eden!!!), she has made the exciting decision to become a permanent relief member of our Tribe, whilst continuing with her own professional journey in Education.
Eden is our lovely, cuddly superhero who treats each of our little people as the unique individuals they are and provides them with the nurture and encouragement that they require to feel confident in expressing themselves and trying lots of new, exciting things!
Room Lead Educator- Adventurers: Francesca Lewis
Francesca has been a member of our Pollington Preschool Family for the last 5 years. After completing a level 6 qualification in Early Years a year ago, Cesca took a little time out to go and travel the world but now she's back!! Cesca's passion, drive and super sparkly approach to providing outstanding children's learning is back as she rejoins the Adventurers Tribe. 
Cesca is our creative superstar who is always keeping our Adventurers' day filled with fun, love, laughter and lots of exciting opportunities to make beautiful masterpieces glistening with glitter and sparkle!

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