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SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

At Pollington Preschool, we aim to provide an environment where the child and their family is at the heart of our vision.  We aim to provide every family in our community with learning experiences in which all children including those with special educational needs and disabilities are supported to reach their full potential.

Our preschool has created an environment of love and warmth that fully respects the daily needs and abilities of every child. We have experience and continual training to be able to cater for all individual needs within our care. Inclusion is something that we pride ourselves on.

All children who attend our setting are given a tailored learning experience according to their needs and interests. Developmental information linked with the experiences that are offered are observed and noted, assessed according to the developmental information included in the Early Years Foundation Stage and tracked according to the progress that each child is making.  Every child’s development is celebrated within their own profiles and their key educator monitors their development closely to ensure that a program of support is offered. This process is used all children and where appropriate is used to support the identification of children with SEND.

 Planning for children’s individual needs and interests is completed by individual practitioners known as a ‘key person’.  During the assessment of each child’s profiles, the key person will ensure that each child’s next steps are planned for through the use of individual learning plans.  The next learning steps are shared with child and family and progress is monitored through a coordinated approach.

 At Pollington preschool we continually reflect upon the children’s environment to ensure that it is stimulating and enhances all learning experiences, including the use of inclusion audits.  Each child led space is reflected upon and differentiated to meet all of the needs of the children who are attending the setting on a daily basis.  The identification of possible lines of enquiry linked with the assessment of children’s individual next steps ensures that the children’s needs are differentiated for accordingly.

The progress of children with an identified SEND is continually monitored by the child’s key person. Overarching monitoring takes place through the use of tribe supervisions, where the individual progress of the child is shared and discussed with the manager and SENCO where appropriate. Tracking of individual children and cohorts of children’s progress is monitored on a termly basis and used to enhance the gaps in development.

Helping us to achieve our goals.

Our preschool works closely with outside agencies to provide us with training and advice to cater for all our children’s needs. As a progressive and reflective place of learning, we strive to be able to accommodate every child’s needs. Gaining knowledge and understanding it is the first step of catering for the children’s needs and our cooperation with agencies and sources of information provide us help it makes this possible.

If you require any further information about SEND policies and procedures please approach a member of the tribe who will be happy to help.

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