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Environmental Changes and Cosy Spaces

A newly constructed and well planned review to an environment is key to providing change and with change comes the 'challenges'.  A chance to learn something new, to manage thoughts and feelings within the changes needed and the sense of pride in accomplishment as we strive to complete that new task. Our committed educators carefully plan the changes taking into considerations all opinions of each tribe members and the children they know well.  They reflect and imagine support for learning taking into consideration developmental changes of the children.  Thinking everyone and the gaps in learning, making sure that all children will be supported. For some children, there is no doubt that the transformations need to be managed with a supportive adult committed to problem solving together, otherwise the 'supermarket frustrations' are there. For the most part, we watch as our confident children begin to explore their new tasks around them and so the drive for learning motors forward. For those who need some support we engulf them with confidence, warmth and independence, the opportunity to 'have a try'.

Today, we saw this positive change in action as a child sat in the newly reorganised construction area diligently persevered with a roll of tape and some scissors.  For a split second time stood still-you could feel the awe and wonder and completely absorbed we all experienced his learning with him right there! Amazing! The complete look of concentration on his face was enough to know that those carefully planned resources, that 'mind-mapped' space for boxes and tape was spot on, the environment was right for him- nailed it!  For all children a well thought out environment is key, the opportunities for key characteristics of learning should be evident within these.  All children should be found combining, exploring, building, experimenting, persevering, testing and taking risks and so much more within their play spaces.

We pride ourselves on our environment for our children and we love to see the adults faces too when they come and join us. Often the awe and wonder that we aim to create with our children and their learning transfers itself to the parents also. We enhance our environment with learning provocations but essentially the basics have to be there in the first place...

...Yes, our environments look great, pretty, amazing, warm, cosy and they are inspiring to others but most of all to us they are first and foremost instruments of 'purposeful play' for our children to navigate their starting block for learning and exploration. 


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