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At this time of year, we would normally be heavily focused on our children and families beginning to transition, some already will have done over the last few weeks and more will do in the next few months. Honestly, for our tribe it is our worst time of the year as a combination of sadness and pride overwhelms them as our community shifts a little.

As our children move on, we can only hope that they remember their time with us and leave their footprint everywhere that they go.  Holding the memories of our preschool as, somewhere special, somewhere to belong.

Today as we prepare for the weeks ahead, over a cuppa I find myself reflecting about the lasting impression that we leave on the children and their families. Covid-19 has strengthened our wider community in many ways as the nation pulls together but here at Pollington we feel once again how we remain a lasting part of your community too.

Over the last few weeks our community have shown us so much love. You recognised our staff team  difficulties getting to the supermarket and our frustrations at finding the shelves already empty after a full day at work providing essential care-we were humbled that you, as a community of local businesses brought our supplies to us!

- You recognised that we needed the comfort of seeing our friends at home happy and healthy-so you joined in with our home activity challenges and live streams.
- You have continued to donate to us out of kindness and generosity even though we cannot offer the places ‘just because’ you love our preschool.
- You have supported us through the hundreds of lovely comments on our videos, helping us spread positivity. You have even contacted our local MP to sing our praises!
- You have donated your professional advice so that our community can continue to leave a legacy for our children.
- You have donated us fresh bread, chocolates, a skip for our rubbish, you have taken the time to give us a quick call just to check in, you have donated hand soap to us to help keep us all safe.

I could mention more the list goes on...

... so it is with love in our hearts that the tribe offer you all a great BIG thank you, past and present for your thoughtfulness and your show of faith in our teaching and belief in our 'community'.

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